Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Dreamhatcher Incubation Centre (DHIC)

DHIC is an Initiative of Gwalior Smart City Development Corporation Limited (GSCDCL) as a process of nurturing early-stage start-ups by providing them infrastructural, management, financial and networking support. DHIC provide support to start-ups in terms of Consultation, Business Plan assistance, growth acceleration, product prototyping, office space, infrastructure, mentorship and providing assistance in all stages of funding

What are the categories/sectors of start-ups DHIC entertain

For the first year, Dreamhatcher Incubation Centre is sector agnostic. Following list of sectors are welcomed in Incubation centre

Agriculture and Allied Fields Bio Technology Building Materials/Construction Technology
Electricity, New and Renewable Energy and Environmental sustainability Education Health and Pharmaceuticals
Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Sensor Technology Manufacturing and Engineering
Micro and Nano electronics New Materials including Nano Materials Water, Sanitation and Solid Waste Management
Housing – Urban and Rural Transport Other emerging areas or of social / national importance

Who can apply for Dream Hatcher Incubation Centre

Any Indian citizen preferably from Gwalior above 18 years from the date of registration, can apply.

Do I need to fill an application form and submit the physical copy of the same to complete the process of application for enrolling into DHIC

No. The application has to be submitted online. For further assistance/queries, visit us at or mail us at

What is the application process to avail the incubation facility DHIC

Following is the process of application

  • Visit the website- “”
  • Click on “Apply now” button
  • Applicant will be thereafter redirected to a new window where the applicant needs to fill up the details to register

What benefits do I get if I qualify for DHIC

Dream Hatcher Incubation Centre(DHIC) will provide following facilities and benefits free of cost for a period of one year


Co-working Space

Conference & Video Conferencing rooms

Office Supplies
Canteen Facility
High Speed Internet


Dedicated Mentorship
Networking Opportunities
Funding Assistance
Legal Assistance
Marketing and Networking
Training Programme and boot camping

How much is the rent and what does it include

In DHIC powered by Gwalior Smart City Development Corporation Limited, office working space for the
selected Start-ups is 100% free.

Who runs Dream Hatcher Incubation centre (DHIC)

Dream Hatcher Incubation centre is an initiative of Gwalior Smart City Development Corporation Limited (GSCDCL)

What are the visiting hours for the Incubation Centre

Yes You can visit the Incubation Centre any time between 10 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Friday

Explain in brief the categories Anveshan and Gurukul

Anveshan is the ideation phase. If the start-up has an idea, he/she can come at the centre discuss the idea with the team along with sector specific mentors will help them developing the idea into a profitable business model.
Gurukul is the incubation phase. Under this stage the start-up has a developed product or a prototype and the team is going to help them modify, upgrade the product or prototype and also in all the other facilities such as financial, marketing support etc.

How do you evaluate the start-ups, and the phase they are in

The start-ups go through 4 stages of evaluation.

In the first stage the Dreamhatcher incubation team evaluates the start-up idea,
In the second stage the experts along with the Gwalior smart city team evaluates the start-up idea
In the third stage sector specific mentors evaluate the start-up idea into a profitable business plan in terms of the product and services
At the final stage the CEO of GSCDCL evaluates and approves the start-ups

How can start-ups engage with the mentors

The start-ups get an opportunity to meet face-to-face with mentors as well as connect virtually with them. Depending upon the start-up requirement, our team will facilitate the access of industry mentors who are expert in their respective domains

Are all the ideas eligible for Incubation

Any individual with a start-up idea can apply to the program, but only the viable ideas who bode well on the parameters of competency, scalability will be taken forward with the incubation process

Are all the ideas eligible for Incubation

As for the first year, Dreamhatcher Incubation Centre is sector agnostic, there are no bounds on the type of business idea. All start-up ideas can apply online, tech oriented or physical product oriented can apply for the program, as long as the idea is unique vis-à-vis the competition